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Specializing in translation for the North American market, Communications Syllabus also offers a broad spectrum of language services including revision, adaptation and writing.
Our team of proficient translators leaves no language need unsatisfied, be it a small rush job or a large-scale project. Ask for a free quote and see for yourself!

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  • 09.Apr
  • The Word on the Street Is . . . Welcome
  • Yesterday a waitress gave me a heartfelt “welcome” when I thanked her for the plentiful portion of cracked-pepper poutine that she placed before me. She wasn’t the first Quebecer I’ve heard drop the standard “you’re” that most anglophones are accustomed to expect. And I’ve come to the conclusion that’s it’s another classic Montreal‑ism—derived from a [...]

  • Did You Know?

  • 04.Dec
  • Translation Coordinator
  • Communications Syllabus is looking for a translation coordinator to join its close‑knit in-house translation team. The successful candidate will play a key role in building and maintaining strong client relationships and creating an effective team environment. He/she will be responsible for administrative tasks such as preparing quotes, opening projects, allocating the work (internally and externally), [...]

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  • 24.Oct
  • Translator, French to English
  • Full-time position Communications Syllabus is currently looking for a full-time French-to-English translator/editor to join our team of translators and writers. You will be based in Montreal and have a great sense of initiative and rigorous attention for detail. You will not have only a solid grasp of written French but also a way with words [...]

  • Did You Know?

  • 26.Feb
  • Signs of Spring
  • With spring right around the corner, your office or school may soon be churning out seasonal texts—emails, newsletters, blogs, and notices—that contain uplifting statements about the pleasant shift in the weather. As you get caught up in all the excitement, just be sure you don’t capitalize the word spring. In fact, don’t cap any of [...]

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