Looking for talent: Translator, French to English

espresso communication and Communications Syllabus are currently looking for a full-time French-to-English translator/editor to join our team of translators and writers. You will be based in Montreal and have a great sense of initiative and rigorous attention for detail. You will not have only a solid grasp of written French but also a way with words in [...]

Life Coaching for Translators

At the annual OTTIAQ conference last November, we heard from not one but two psychiatrists (Gilles Vachon and Josée Blondin). Both addressed the issues of happiness and life balance. The assumption was that translation professionals are at high risk of getting the blues because so many of us work alone and social interaction is so [...]

Art That Makes You Go Hmmm: Taking Tweets to a Whole New Level

Our era is a wonderful time. We now live in a world where people’s intrinsic need to communicate has finally been met with boundless platforms for expression. On the flip side, it has left us with decreased attention spans, a serious case of information overload, and a steadily intensifying need to say something—anything. There are [...]

Bananas for Brains

Every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain. —Homer Simpson As a translator, I ask a lot of my brain—store, sort, link, recall, roll out the witticisms, bring forth a masterpiece from the smorgasbord of words I’ve collected over a lifetime—and as I steadily go about acquiring new [...]

Pharmaterm Terminology Bulletins

Here’s the link to the Pharmaterm terminology bulletins. I searched for three medical imagery terms at random in Termium, to no avail—all the more reason for taking a gander around Pharmaterm!

Pedal Pushing for a Great Cause

Wednesday, February 24 marked a very special day here at Syllabus as it was the first anniversary of the bone marrow transplant that put our dear Sabrina on the road to recovery. All of us have been deeply affected by her courageous battle with leukemia, so it came as no surprise that everyone was enthusiastic [...]

Analogies and Metaphors Found in High School Essays

Remember back in high school when you thought writing essays was the most painful thing on earth? Well you made it through unscathed and now it’s time to look back and have a laugh with this hilarious page. One thing’s for certain, these students aren’t lacking in imagination!


This morning, I learned that julep is “a sweet, demulcent, acidulous, or mucilaginous mixture, used as a vehicle [for medicine].” (1913 Webster) So much for thinking it was just a brand name! Suddenly I’m questioning what went into the Orange Julep I loved so much as a kid . . . (Photo: Steve Brandon)

Rebecca Runs the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon in San Francisco

On October 18, 2009, our co-worker Rebecca Anderson accomplished a remarkable feat at the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon in San Francisco. Not only did she blow through the 21.1-km course in less than two hours—a feat in and of itself—she raised a total of $10,489 for a cause very near and dear to us: the fight [...]

The Dictionary of Derivatives and Other Financial Instruments

Big thanks to my co-worker Julie for inspiring this post. Louis Ménard and Antoni Dandonneau’s new Dictionary of Derivatives and Other Financial Instruments has arrived! The Autorité des marchés financiers and the ‘Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec are launching the Dictionary of Derivatives and Other Financial Instruments, a bilingual dictionary comprising 734 definitions available [...]

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