Translator, French to English

Full-time position Communications Syllabus is currently looking for a full-time French-to-English translator/editor to join our team of translators and writers. You will be based in Montreal and have a great sense of initiative and rigorous attention for detail. You will not have only a solid grasp of written French but also a way with words [...]

What’s new at Syllabus?

Big news: We recently won a translation contract with a major player in the IT industry! Earlier this month, Communications Syllabus stepped into the Microsoft world, marking the beginning of a beautiful collaboration that is sure to keep us busy for months to come. Happy Halloween!

Translator Talk

          When Arianne Des Rochers saw that we had an opening for a maternity-leave replacement position, she jumped at the chance to get some in-house experience. With two degrees under her belt and a taste for adventure, this young and energetic translator has the world by the tail.  How do you [...]

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Translators for 2015

  There are only so many snowmen you can make! At Syllabus, we’re itching to tackle new translations and take on fresh challenges. To get the ball rolling, we’ve drawn up a list of resolutions to guarantee that 2015 is the best year ever!   Translation Resolution #1 Avoid the word “win.” Once a word starts [...]

The Word on the Street Is . . . “Gang”

The word “gang” tends to conjure up images of drugs, motorcycles, dark alleys, and all sorts of criminal activity. That’s the case in English at least. So when, at my dinner party, my friend babbled on about last weekend’s adventures with her “gang,” it was no surprise that my mother’s jaw dropped and she shot [...]

The Word on the Street Is . . . “Live”

“On se voit au parc live,” my daughter squeals into the phone. I smirk and shake my head as I put down the phone. I’ve been living in Montreal for over 20 years and it still takes me by surprise to hear English words—with English pronunciation nonetheless—thrown into French sentences. “Live” (rhymes with “hive”) used [...]

Writing Numbers in French and English

You might assume that numbers are the same in English and French, but it isn’t the case. In Canadian English, a period is used as the decimal marker, and a comma (or space) is used to separate three numerals. For example, 26,000 reads as twenty-six thousand. In French—and many other languages—a comma indicates the decimal, [...]

Translating Is the Bomb!

    You might have heard that translation is boring and that translators are an odd bunch. Lies! (At least the first part.) In fact, translators are always learning new things—and not just about language.   At Syllabus, we think translating is the bomb. Here’s why: Translators touch on all kinds of topics. It’s not [...]

You Name it, We Translate it

Did you know? Syllabus is now the official translator for Smart Set’s blog that covers fashion, culture, and other hot topics. There’s no denying that the women at Syllabus eat those texts up! Truth be told, we pride ourselves on the breadth of our skills. You might be surprised to learn that our team of [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Translation Firm – Part 5

The next time you consider hiring a translation firm but hesitate because of the rates, remember that price is only one factor in the equation. This week, we’re giving you five good reasons why you should work with a translation firm. We talked about quality, reputation, availability, and partnership. Here’s a fifth reason why translation [...]

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