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Signs of Spring

With spring right around the corner, your office or school may soon be churning out seasonal texts—emails, newsletters, blogs, and notices—that contain uplifting statements about the pleasant shift in the weather. As you get caught up in all the excitement, just be sure you don’t capitalize the word spring. In fact, don’t cap any of [...]

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Translators for 2016

With fresh snow come fresh ideas for 2016! At Syllabus, we’re excited to get back to business and meet new challenges head on. To get things started, we’ve drafted a list of resolutions to make sure 2016 is the best it can be! Translation Resolution #1: Try new things, like embracing new software programs. Take [...]

All I Want for Christmas Is . . .

Antidote in English! For translators, editors, writers, and anyone who works with words in French, Antidote has long been the go-to software to catch all those pesky spelling mistakes and grammar glitches that can plague your emails and documents. But it’s also so much more—it’s a Bescherelle, grammar guide, dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia all wrapped [...]

Words for Snow in Canada

While I can’t compete with the Inuit who have 50 words for snow or the Scots, with their whopping 421, here are my top five words for snow that you’re likely to hear in Canada. Snowman snow: That sticky, heavy snow that clumps to the bottom of your wooden hand-me-down cross-country skis and breaks the backs [...]

Government Style

With the ushering in of Canada’s new federal government comes a slew of texts talking about shadow cabinets, ministers, oppositions, prime ministers-elect, and other governmental topics. If you’re wondering how to handle such terms, your best bet is the Canadian Style—a free and fairly comprehensive writing tool. Then there’s the Canadian Press, which is by [...]

What’s new at Syllabus?

Big news: We recently won a translation contract with a major player in the IT industry! Earlier this month, Communications Syllabus stepped into the Microsoft world, marking the beginning of a beautiful collaboration that is sure to keep us busy for months to come. Happy Halloween!

Pet Peeve: Must Lists Look So Ugly?

Vertical lists drive me mad and apparently I’m not alone. The CMOS Shop Talk team from the Chicago Manual of Style recently put out a blog post to respond to the many questions that they get from their readers about this very issue. Lists crop up all the time, so I highly recommend checking out this [...]

The “Scoop” Is Back!

After a short hiatus from our monthly newsletter, Syllabus is ready to re-launch the Scoop this November. Once again, you can look forward to fun factoids, titillating tidbits and practical tips about the wondrous world of words—all with a Montreal twist—delivered straight to your inbox. So take a quick coffee break from work and learn [...]

Dietitian Vs. Nutritionist—What’s the Diff?

There’s a big diff, actually. Just ask a dietitian how they feel about being called a nutritionist—you’ll get an earful! What’s a nutritionist? When translating the French term “nutritionniste,” resist the temptation to put “dietitian” in English. Though both professions deal with diet and nutrition, in Canada the terms are vastly different. In fact, the [...]

How the Heck Do You Spell “Ton”?

Editing Canadian English has its perils. In particular, the heavy influence of American English is hard to ignore. I recently stumbled across the word “ton” in a Canadian text and thought—how the heck do I spell that? I investigated and found that, as always, context is everything. Here’s the breakdown: Ton In Canadian English, this [...]

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