10 New Year’s Resolutions for Translators for 2016

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With fresh snow come fresh ideas for 2016! At Syllabus, we’re excited to get back to business and meet new challenges head on. To get things started, we’ve drafted a list of resolutions to make sure 2016 is the best it can be!

Translation Resolution #1: Try new things, like embracing new software programs. Take the time to tackle them and you might find that you like them better than the old ones!

Translation Resolution #2: Be bold. As a translator, it may feel safer to stay glued to the original text, but language rarely works that way. Write naturally and you’re sure to sound like a pro!

Translation Resolution #3: Work smarter, not harder. For instance, don’t type out the same passage five times—use your translation software to your advantage.

Translation Resolution #4: Research, research, research. Translation is more than knowing different languages. To get the right term for the context, it really boils down to research.

Translation Resolution #5: Go back to the basics. Like a musician practising scales, it never hurts to review some of things you learned at school. Who remembers what a dangling participle or a squinting modifier is?!

Translation Resolution #6: Get ahead of the game. Everyone vows to overcome it, but procrastination eventually gets the better of us all. Never wait until the eleventh hour to tackle a translation!

Translation Resolution #7: Pick a pet peeve. Single out a word, turn of phrase, or stylistic flourish that you always end up editing out of your translations—and get rid of it for good!

Translation Resolution #8: Learn a new word and how to use it correctly—and feel the power of the pen!

Translation Resolution #9: Explore new territory. Is there a type of translation you’re secretly afraid of? Give it a whirl—it might not be as scary as you think.

Translation Resolution #10: Enjoy the journey. In the mad scramble to meet deadlines, it’s easy to forget that translation is fun. Take a minute to enjoy the subject you’re working on or admire a final draft. It’ll keep you motivated!

Got any New Year’s resolutions? We’d love to hear them!

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