5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Translation Firm – Part 2

The next time you consider hiring a translation firm but hesitate because of the rates, remember that price is only one factor in the equation. This week, we’re giving you five good reasons why you should work with a translation firm. Yesterday, we talked about quality. Here’s another reason why translation firms make great business allies.

blog_reputation_Montreal_translationAdvantage #2: Reputation

By which we mean your reputation. Whether it’s for your website, brochure, or sales pitch, a stellar translation can make all the difference. On the flip side, a poor translation can get you into hot water—fast. Improper or offensive words can turn off customers and potential business partners. Sloppy language can tarnish your professional image. And in the era of social media, a poor translation can go viral in minutes!

Reputation is not the only advantage that translation firms offer. Stay tuned for more reasons every day this week!


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