How Do You Translate “Rayonnement”?

Montreal Syllabus TranslationLately I keep stumbling across this French buzzword that’s a real nightmare for translators. Why is it so tough to translate? Because there is no all-encompassing equivalent in English.


French: Vitrine sur le monde et rayonnement
English: A window on the world and exposure

French: Elle a énormément œuvré pour le rayonnement international de sa profession.
English: She was devoted to earning international recognition for her profession.

French: Ce projet de formation obtient un rayonnement remarquable : près de 10 000 professionnels sont rejoints.
English: The training program had a remarkable impact, reaching close to 10,000 professionals.

French: …contribuant à la conservation et au rayonnement du patrimoine québécois et canadien
English: …dedicated to conserving and promoting the heritage of Quebec and Canada

How do you translate this tricky term?

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