Signs of Spring

Montreal Translation Syllabus

With spring right around the corner, your office or school may soon be churning out seasonal texts—emails, newsletters, blogs, and notices—that contain uplifting statements about the pleasant shift in the weather.

As you get caught up in all the excitement, just be sure you don’t capitalize the word spring. In fact, don’t cap any of the seasons—spring, summer, fall, winter—unless they’re part of a proper noun.

If you’re not sure what a proper noun is, the Gage dictionary defines it as “a noun that identifies one particular person, place, organization, etc.” So Peggy Sue, the United Nations, and 2016 Spring Fling are all proper nouns, but cute girl, international organization, and spring dance are not. Also watch out for seasonal buzzwords like spring equinox and summer solstice—these are not proper nouns and should stay lowercased.

Grammar aside, be sure to get outside and enjoy the spring-like weather that’s on the horizon!



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