10 New Year’s Resolutions for Translators

10 New Year’s Resolutions for TranslatorsWe’re back at our Montreal office and geared up to make 2013 a totally epic year! As is customary at the start of each new year, we have drafted a list of resolutions. While they were written with translators in mind, these resolutions could be very rewarding for anyone who managed to stick to them.

Translation Resolution #1: Avoid the word “epic” unless you’ve decided to take a crack at Homer.

Translation Resolution #2: Get off Twitter and network the traditional way—at a bar!

Translation Resolution #3: Refrain from pulling out your felt marker every time you see “old-fashion ice cream.”

Translation Resolution #4: Embrace the local lingo! When in Montreal, feel free to blurt out the occasional full fru when you’re in the juice.

Translation Resolution #5: Stop writing—and speaking—in text. Use real words.

Translation Resolution #6: Give your brain a break at breakfast and ignore the bad translation on the cereal box.

Translation Resolution #7: Remember that good people make spelling mistakes too.

Translation Resolution #8: Be passionate about your translations, but don’t use the word “passionate” in your translations.

Translation Resolution #9: After you look up a word in your dictionary, check online to see if folks still use it.

Translation Resolution #10: If you can’t find the right word, coin a new one.

Got any New Year’s resolutions? We’d love to hear them!


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