5 Different Words for “Vacation”

vacation Syllabus Montreal translation“Vacation”—whether it’s long, short, at home, or far away—is a word that can put a smile on anybody’s face! Here’s a fun list of different terms for the concept, albeit with slightly different meanings.

Vacation: The Gage dictionary defines it as “a scheduled time of freedom from work or activity.” That said, many of us find that our vacations are busier than our workday lives as we attempt to cram in as much adventure as possible.

Holiday: Stemming from “holy day,” this term is more widely used today to describe statutory days off as opposed to a personal break from work (not to be confused with “the holidays,” which refers to the time surrounding Christmas and New Year’s). Think St-Jean-Baptiste Day and Easter.

Staycation: Growing in popularity due to tight budgets and conflicting schedules, the staycation gives you a break from work and the chance to play tourist in your own city—just be sure you don’t spend two weeks working through the laundry pile or building a backyard deck.

Micro-vacation (what the British call a “mini-break”): These extremely short vacations are a great way to grab some much needed R&R with a trip to a nearby spa, beach, or cottage—ideal for recharging those batteries!

Daycation: Find yourself with an afternoon off? Don’t waste it on dentist appointments and dirty dishes. You’ll be amazed at how rested you’ll feel after a trek in the woods, a trip to a museum, or a picnic in the park.

What’s your favourite type of vacation?

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