Fairy-tale Ending for Montreal Bookstore

Happily ever afterThe news is good. Westmount’s Nicholas Hoare has a new—rather, an extended—lease on life. Originally slated to close up shop at the end of July because of a rent hike, the independent bookstore on Greene Avenue will now stay open until Christmas, and then go from there.

Community outcry over the shop’s closing was heard. According to Tuesday’s story by the CBC, even the mayor stepped in on the shop’s behalf. Locals do love their bookstores after all.

Brick-and-mortar bookshops may still have a leg up on the latest gadgets. And why wouldn’t they? They bring people and ideas together, they create a sense of community, and they add life to downtowns that might otherwise disappear. Can e-books do all that? So go on—support your local bookshop by buying a book!

When was the last time you visited a bookshop?


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