How Do You Translate “Dynamique”?

Syllabus Montreal TranslationEver notice how Montrealers tend to use knee-jerk translations? Take “dynamique” and “dynamic” for instance. We often see “dynamique” in French to describe a person or a place, but the word “dynamic” pops up much less in English—at least outside of Quebec. Changing “que” to a “c” is quick but it’s not very creative, nor is it always ideal. Depending on the context, there might be a better, more accurate word to use.

If you’re describing a person, try “energetic,” “proactive,” “charismatic,” “active,” or even “peppy.”

To describe a place or a thing, it might be closer to the mark to use “vibrant,” “bustling,” “lively,” “evolving,” or even “adaptable.”

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, translating the same terms the same way every time, but the risk is that your translations can start to sound tired, and frankly, not very dynamic!

How do you translate this tricky term?

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