How Do You Translate “Se Décliner”?

Montreal Syllabus TranslationThe terms “se décliner” and “déclinaison” seem to crop up a lot in French marketing and advertising texts, and I’ve always struggled to find a short ‘n’ sweet way to translate them into English.

Here are a few straightforward translations:

The new smartphone comes in a variety of styles and colours. (se décliner)

The boutique carries a collection of spring fashions. (une déclinaison)

Our signature collection features five major themes. (se décliner)

We offer a wide range of services. (une déclinaison)

The ad campaign includes television, radio and online media buys. (se décliner)

This sweater is available in red, pink, and blue. (se décliner)

The 2015 Prius family includes an original one, a snug one, a roomy one, and a plug-in one. (une déclinaison)

These French terms hinge on the idea of multiples, series, or variations. Whatever you do, avoid using the term “declension” in English—it brings back bad memories of conjugating Latin verbs in high school.

How do you translate these tricky terms?


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