Ice Tea Vs. Iced Tea—Which Are You Drinking This Summer?

Homemade Iced Tea with LemonsAs things heat up in the summer, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a tall glass of iced tea. Or should I say ice tea?

The barely pronounced d is often dropped in speech and is now even disappearing from major brands. Take Lipton Ice/d Tea. Their Facebook page drops the d, as does their Australian website. But not their US site. There’s a bit of flip-flopping on whether the d is still necessary.

As the Grammarist points out, “ice cream” and “ice water” once sported final d’s, but dropped them as time rolled on. This kind of transformation is fairly common. When the adjective (“iced”) becomes inseparable from the noun (“cream” or “tea”), it becomes part of a compound noun.

So do we still need that final d?

If you like to play by the rules, keep the d. “Ice tea” isn’t wrong (it’s in the dictionary, after all), but it’s still a variant.

If you’re not concerned about ticking off a few stick-in-the-muds, opt for the lighter, fresher “ice tea.”

What’s your take?

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