Is Tweeting for Translators?

Did you know? The Syllabus team (@_syllabus) has been on Twitter for a little over a year. Follow us for daily tweets in English and French about language and translation!

We were recently asked why a translation firm needs social media. Good question!

Here are some of the reasons we tweet:

  • Building a solid network: Need freelancers, advice, or references? Twitter is a fabulous platform where language professionals can “meet” and exchange ideas.
  • Sharing information: A network is by definition a vast pool of resources. Syllabus uses Twitter to ask questions about language, share what we’ve learned, and even express our point of view. Don’t underestimate the power of this tool—translators may be solitary creatures, but they’re expert networkers!
  • Staying up to date: Twitter is a gold mine of links to articles, language news, current debates, and other useful information. Translators need to be in the know and social media helps us do just that!

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