Saying Goodbye to the Penny but Not My Favourite Expressions

Piggy Bank in Pile of Coins Montreal Translation SyllabusAs I and my fellow Canadians part ways with the penny, I shudder at the thought of also saying goodbye to some of my favourite expressions.

When I think about it, the disappearance of the copper-plated coin raises some serious questions for word lovers.

  • Will penny candy be swapped for bulk confectioneries?
  • Will the proverbial lucky penny be forgotten for the lucky loonie?
  • Will penny-wise become money-smart?
  • Will penniless be traded up to not a nickel to your name?
  • Will the expression a penny saved is a penny earned become worthless?

It’s worrisome to think that these colourful expressions could, in a few years’ time, become relics of the past. The next generation may never understand the song “Pennies from Heaven” or have a clue what penny loafers are.

If you ask me, a toonie for your thoughts just doesn’t have the same ring.

What are your favourite penny expressions?

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