Summertime Insight: The Luxurious Transformation of the Chaise Longue

Syllabus Montreal TranslationAs things heat up on the island of Montreal, it’s time to tote out your balcony accoutrements—the mini BBQ, basil in terra cotta pots and, but of course, the chaise longue. Literally “long chair,” this chic borrow from the French has been frenglishized over the years into “chaise lounges.” Which actually makes sense. These long lawn chairs are fantastic for poolside lounging.

Take it one step further and key in a simple Google image search for “chez lounge” (be sure to fully pronounce the letter “z” in your mind). This may be offensive to anyone who takes the French language too seriously, but for those willing to dig for deeper meaning, there’s still an argument for this bastardization. Comfy chairs for relaxing on a terrasse, perhaps with a drink in hand, “chez” often appearing in the names of watering holes . . . you know where I’m going with this.

Thanks go out to the lovely Oxford Guide to Canadian English Usage for this summertime insight.

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