Syllabus’s Letter to Santa

Syllabus Montreal Translation Santa with letterWith snow on the ground and lights on the trees, it’s time to pull out your stationery and scribble a note to dear old Santa Claus. Since most of us no longer own a pen or a pad of paper, let alone recall how to write without a spell-checker, the classic letter to Santa presents a foreboding task.

Don’t fret! Syllabus’s letter-writing tips will ensure your letter gets read from start to finish.

  • Date your letter. This reflex has been lost in the land of emails and instant messages. But on old-fashioned paper, the date won’t appear automatically. And without it, how can Santa be sure you’ve been good this year.
  • Open with the traditional salutation, “Dear Santa,” followed by a comma (the reason is a bit pedantic but also kind of interesting).
  • You say you’ve been good but can you prove it? Provide a solid argument backed by examples to avoid the lump of coal.
  • Use the word “please” when asking for specific gifts. Avoid commands like “Give me.” Opt instead for “would” and “could.”
  • Express gratitude. It’s never too early to say thanks. Remember, “thank you” only takes a hyphen when it comes before a noun, as in “thank-you letter” (which is what you’ll be writing if Santa brings you a gift).
  • Sign off with something other than a cold and corporate “Best regards.” Saint Nick always appreciates a little warmth. “Love” is perhaps a tad intimate. “Cheers” sounds like you’ve broken into the bubbly already. “Sincerely” is old-fashioned yet friendly and is probably your best bet.

Here’s hoping you get everything on your list!

Happy holidays from everyone at Syllabus!

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