This Week’s Grammar Pet Peeve: I Object to “You and I”

Syllabus Montreal TranslationNothing drives me nuttier than someone who thinks they’re speaking so grammatically correct that they actually introduce the cardinal sin of errors—“you and I”—when “you and me” is all that’s called for.

Perhaps teachers have drilled “you and I” into their students, failing to mention that the rule only applies when the compound is the subject of the sentence, not the object.

When in doubt, apply the “I” test. Simply remove “you and” (or whichever compound you’re using) to see if “I” actually works.

For instance:

They invited you and I to the wedding.
“I” test: They invited I to the wedding. (Still sound OK? Not so much.)
Correct: They invited you and me to the wedding.

Would you like to go out for dinner with my husband and I?
“I” test: Would you like to go out for dinner with I? (Pretty freaky, wouldn’t you say?)
Correct: Would you like to go out for dinner with me and my husband?

Can you help my sister and I find our lost dog?
“I” test: Can you help I find my lost dog? (You get the idea!)
Correct: Can you help me and my sister find our lost dog?

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