Translating Is the Bomb!

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You might have heard that translation is boring and that translators are an odd bunch. Lies! (At least the first part.) In fact, translators are always learning new things—and not just about language.


At Syllabus, we think translating is the bomb. Here’s why:

  • Translators touch on all kinds of topics.

It’s not unusual for a translator to ponder car parts, singular versus plural verbs, and Finland’s national sport all in the same day.

  • Translators get to read and write every single day.

While this fact might send shivers down your spine, it makes word nerds very happy. Trust me.

  • Translators get into lengthy discussions about language.

Everyone can learn from their peers, regardless of what their thing is. Ours just happens to be language.

  • Translators are always—and I mean, always—learning.

With language constantly changing, translation has a steep learning curve.

  • Translators can work from anywhere.

That’s right. Translators can be fully functional pretty much anywhere—from the kitchen counter (oh, the glamour!) to a St. Petersburg café (yes, it’s possible!).



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