Why Translators Are So Irritating


Reading, proofing, revising, and translating—that pretty much sums up what we do day in and day out. It’s only normal that our job should rub off on us. True, we can be really annoying at times, but please don’t hold it against us—it’s just a hazard of the job!


Translator quirk #1: A deep passion for accuracy (or is it obsession?)

Translator quirk #2:  The inability to let things go (translators have been known to get up in the middle of the night to triple‑check that grammar rule)

Translator quirk #3: Blank stare-itis (a chronic disorder characterised by a deep reverie in which the translator attempts to answer the perpetual question: How would I have translated that?)

Translator quirk #4: The tendency to switch languages mid-conversation (It’s a tough job being multilingual but someone’s gotta do it!)

Translator quirk #5: An irresistible urge to point out—or worse, correct—every single mistake (e.g., on menus, posters, in public restrooms)


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