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It seems that the English noun + French suffix combo is catching. Indeed, more and more establishments throughout Quebec are using -erie (steakerie, sandwicherie) to promote the house specialty. Montreal’s Drinkery is no exception. The name—a celebratory mix of English and French—invites folks from all walks of life to come take a sip of the sauce.


Sure, the English term drinkery is a real word meaning a place where alcohol can be purchased and imbibed but, on the current usage scale, it’s outranked by bar, pub, club, lounge, tavern, saloon, roadhouse, and so on. As for drinkerie, there’s no denying that swapping the English suffix for the French one lends the bar an authentic Quebec feel.

On this note, please join me in raising a glass to the omnipresent and ever-useful word ending ‑erie.

Know of any other local eateries with the -erie affliction? Let us know.


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