The Word on the Street Is . . . in the Potatoes

Contrary to the image it conjures up, dude, you’re totally in the potatoes does not mean your pal is horking down a giant poutine.

Au contraire! In the potatoes is Montreal-speak for you’re way off baseyou’re totally off-track; or dude, you’re so wrong. This tater talk is a word-for-word translation of dans les patates, or the longer version, t’es complètement dans les patates.

Likewise, in the moon, a direct translation of dans la lune, has also recently taken off among Montrealer Anglos.

While you might be more likely to hear this from a Francophone speaking English, word on the street has it that in the potatoes is cropping up in Anglo circles. I for one find it to be quite a tasty little expression!


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