The Word on the Street Is . . . “Live”

word on the street translation“On se voit au parc live,” my daughter squeals into the phone.

I smirk and shake my head as I put down the phone. I’ve been living in Montreal for over 20 years and it still takes me by surprise to hear English words—with English pronunciation nonetheless—thrown into French sentences.

“Live” (rhymes with “hive”) used this way is new to me. But that’s the advantage to having a teen in the family—she keeps me hip to the latest slang. In her world, the French‑speaking kids use “live” to mean “now,” “pronto,” “right away.” Kind of like anglos saying “tout de suite.”

And that’s what’s I love about Montreal. In this bilingual city, a playful blend of French and English isn’t just acceptable—it’s cool!


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