The Word on the Street Is . . . “Metro”

word on the street translationMontreal is famous for its underground city. Buried beneath the skyscrapers and busy streets is an endless trail of shopping malls—and the metro. Yes, the metro.

That’s what we anglos call the subway system in Montreal. We use the French word métro—we just don’t pronounce the accent.

Parisians might be the only ones who have no problem making the connection between metro and the subway system, since the same name is used for Paris’s transit system.

Metro Montreal translation SyllabusTorontonians may think someone asking for the nearest metro is looking for milk and eggs, since Metro is the name of a popular grocery store chain in Ontario and Quebec.

Folks from anywhere else might simply think the word metro refers to a metropolis or city.

Clearly the term metro is a tad confusing but it is what all the signs say. And it sure makes it easier to locate the entrance to the subway system when you know what to look for.

What do you call the subway in your town?

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