The Word on the Street Is . . . Relooker

Word on the StreetThe French have been known to use the verb relooker when describing websites, fashion, and interior design. The term also gets mileage with dudes who put spoilers on their Honda Civics .

A hybrid of the English verb relook (which, according to the Urban Dictionary , means to look again or rereview) and the French verb suffix er, relooker is a bad hair day for both languages.

Granted, if you’re English, you might be able to sneak relook into your next Scrabble game (according to the Scrabble word finder Anagrammer, it appears in seven Scrabble dictionaries and means to use one’s eyes in seeing). In normal conversation, however, you’d be better off sticking with look at again.

If you’re French, relooker is a popular option if you want your hair salon or nail-varnishing boutique to sound hip and fresh.

Now if you’re translating relooker into English, try revamp, remodel, redesign, and get a makeover. Of course, there’s always soup up and pimp your ride if you’re talking about cars and motorcycles.

Know of any other franglais words that make you smile? Let us know!


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