The Word on the Street Is . . . Terrasse

Montrealers love food and drink. They love it even more outside on a . . . terrasse.

Patios, porches, verandas, and back decks are simply nowhere to be found in the 514. So if you want to sip your café au lait en plein air, be sure to ask your server for a seat on the terrasse.

Those visiting the belle province for the first time may be caught off-guard by the regional pronunciation. Locals (Anglos and Francos alike) stress the second syllable, as in ter-rasse (rhymes with her ass), whereas the English equivalent, terrace, stresses the first syllable, as in ter-race (rhymes with Ferris ). Pronounce it like Ferris and you’re not likely to get as good a seat.

After residing in Montreal for more than a decade, I know I’ve gone native when—while writing this post—I asked my co-worker, “What does the rest of the country call a terrasse, anyhow?”


Now that the sun is shining again, what’s your favourite Montreal terrasse?


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