The Word on the Street Is . . . Garburator

Even though “90 percent of [Canadians] live close to the US/Canada border,” it’s nice to know that we still have expressions that set us apart from our neighbours to the south, and I’m not just talking about “eh.” Which, by the way, I try to suppress in order to blend, but every once in a while a stray “eh” slips out at the end of a sentence—like a rhetorical “ya know?”—and suddenly, I’m the stereotype. (If you’re Canadian and know what I’m talking about, please confess below.)

But have you been here? You’re washing the dishes, wiping the counter, then you take a peek into the depths of the sink and wonder what the heck that scary looking set of teeth is.

In all innocence you ask your roommate, “Is that a garburator?”

“A what-erator?”

“A garburator. You know, that thing in the sink that chews up your food and spits it down the drain.”

“Is that Canadian for garbage disposal?”

“Maybe,” you respond sheepishly, thinking “How should I know? It doesn’t sound weird to me!”



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