The Word on the Street Is . . . Kit

Syllabus Montreal Translation Word on the StreetWhen I first moved to Montreal, one of my ESL students came up to me and said, “Check mon nouveau kit,”* stretching her arms out wide as if to say “Ta da!” She was clearly referring to her amazing all‑pink ensemble—a pink T-shirt under a pink hoodie with a matching set of pink stud earrings.

With nothing but my schoolbook French to go by, I was thrown—in a good way—by the ease with which she took an English word and twisted the meaning ever so slightly. I had only ever heard “kit” used in reference to drill bits, wooden ships, and dinosaurs. Frenglish was still a foreign language to me.

As I stood before the woman in pink, I knew that I had arrived in a strange and colourful linguistic land, full of possibilities and people who weren’t afraid to bend language to their will. I stuffed “kit” in my pocket, certain I would pull it out and give it a try myself sometime down the road.

What are your favourite Frenglish moments? Share them with us!

*Translation: Check out my new outfit!


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