The Word on the Street Is . . . Spa

The other day I overheard my daughter telling her grandmother about her friend’s spa. My mom listened on in disbelief. It wouldn’t be the first time my kids stretched the truth, especially when it comes to their friends’ possessions.

Little did my mom know, her granddaughter wasn’t telling a fib, she was simply using the Quebec word for what Anglos in the rest of Canada call a Jacuzzi.

Of course my mom was picturing massage tables, steam rooms, and hot tubs, complete with dreamy background music.  I know where she was coming from. The first time I heard someone call their hot tub a spa, I thought it was a slight exaggeration. Like calling a shack in the woods a chalet!

Spa is one of those words that changes meanings depending on where you are. The Word Detective (@word_detective) offers insight on the origin of the word and its many meanings. One thing you can be sure of—a spa equals relaxation no matter where you are!


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